Where do I get the pumpkin map?
Once you've booked your place, we'll email you a map and a secret quiz sheet! You'll need to print one out for each of your "little trailers".

Do you have a contingency plan if the weather is bad?
Obviously we are hoping for good weather but we have learnt from experience that Trick-or-Treaters are not put off by the unpredictable British weather.  In short, add a witches hat to your costume to keep the rain off you!

Do you have a contingency plan if we go into a local lockdown?

We are in communication with our local councils and will keep an eye on the lockdown situation.  If we have to cancel the event we will give full refunds up until 23rd October.  Thereafter it will not be possible to refund as we will have spent all our money on sweets!

What age group is the Trail aimed at?

We have a 'little route' which will be a simple clues and a shorter route (suitable for 4-8 year olds) and a longer route with slightly harder clues suitable for older kids.

Where does my £5 go?
Well, the first 50p goes to Paypal! The rest will go on on printing, sweets and hopefully there'll something left to pay for this fancy website!

Do I live too far out? 

This is a local event to Nether Edge (Sheffield) and Stroud Green (London).  If you would like to do your own Pumpkin Trail next year, send us a message and we can work together!

I have paid my fee via the website “book it” link.  What happens now?
Your fee will generate an email to Pumpkin Trail admin. We will then send out your map and code sheet. Bear with us - this is not our day job!

My child has allergies to certain sweets.
Please do not give them a bag of our sweets!  Please bring your own sweets!


Can my child do the trail alone?
No.  Your child must be accompanied by a respnsible adult.


I have a question that's not here, who should I contact?
Go to our 'contact us' page and send us a message - we're pretty quick at responding!